"You Can Wait Another Year To See What Happens Or You Can Start Changing Your Life

2 Minutes From Now!"

I'd like to show you the easiest way to have a fully-functioning, blogging business that you can be earning from this year! I'm talking virtually non-existent set-up fees and presented so simply that even the newest of 'newbies' can follow every step with ease....

Re: 12-Month "Blogging From Scratch" Training Program Based On My Own 6-Figure Business.

Hi there,

There's no other way to describe my BLOG KICKSTART  program except to say it's the closest thing to 'mentoring in a box' that you could possibly get.

Look at it this way - if you paid me $500 a month, which is what I'd charge for one on one mentoring, THIS would be the method I'd work on with you, to start you earning online with your blog as soon as possible.

I don't have to tell you about the state of finance at the moment because there are few people it hasn't hit, or is about to hit - whether it's paying for private school, huge mortgage hikes or the 50% increase in your monthly food shopping bill, there's no getting away from the fact that things are getting very tough indeed.

If, like most people, your source of income comes from one person (your boss or company) there's a very real possibility that in today's world you could find that your whole income is simply switched off because one day you become too big an expense for your employer. 

Your boss would lay you off without a thought if doing so provided him with an extra few thousand dollars a year....

...and he'd have forgotten about it by the time he arrived home. Your life on the other hand could be shattered.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Don't you owe it to yourself and to your family to have some security - the kind of security that other people can't take away from you on a whim?

Have a look at this..

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It's a way of taking back your own life. 

It can be an additional income or it can be a full-time income. It depends on you. Quite honestly what I call an 'additional income' is probably more than your current boss earns in a whole month, but how you play it is up to you.

I'm just offering freedom - you decide how to use it.

My KICKSTART COURSE is a 100% self-contained, step by step tutorial on how to set up your own UNIQUE online blogging business. I'm offering to show you exactly how to start your own blogging income from scratch, even if you've no experience at all.

“It's not often I'll give a testimonial these days as there is just way too much CR*P out there on the internet...
But I'm loving your Kickstart Course.
For someone starting up from scratch, this step by step course is EXACTLY what they need to genuinely learn how to make money online with their blog...
I'm very impressed with what I have seen of the course -it is going to change things for a lot of people.
Well done!”

Alex Jeffreys

Seriously - no hype - no BS - I've not only spent a long time putting this course together but I've spent a long time actually RUNNING my blogging business - the same six figure business that this course is based upon.

Even better - I've configured the course so the basic setup is done and completed within the shortest possible time so you can be earning in 5 or 6 weeks. Maybe a little longer if you're a total newcomer.

Now if this sounds like a long time to wait just think about how long you've been trying (and failing?) to make money online with your blog so far?

Chances are you're not in a much better position than you were this time last year and if things don't change for the better you could be in the very same position 12 months from now.

Suddenly setting up a blogging business that could have you in profit in under two months doesn't seem so long eh?

I'm making this course available to you for a monthly subscription, where you'll receive ONE LESSON PER WEEK - perfectly spaced so you can build your business and earn from it as you build it. 

Each lesson is written so that you can follow it from A to Z and be ready to move on with the next part of your business. I figure most people will be working for an employer while they build their business, so it's geared around you having enough time to build your blogging business, and to work at your own speed.

Don't forget this isn't like being back at school - you'll be building an actual, real online blogging business and banking the profits as you go!

Too many full-time bloggers seem to think you can find an extra 20 hours a week on top of your job to put into your blog. I don't - I've been through everything you're about to start with and know exactly how hard it can be, so I've allowed you plenty of time while at the SAME time to see results as early as possible.

Best of all, I've designed the course so that once your business is up, running and bringing you an income, it can be run in just a few hours a week whether you want to quit your job or not.

“WOW! I haven't read anything that has given me so much motivation and I look forward to each of the next week's PDF lesson.”

Nigel Yip, Kickstart Member

And after week 6, 7 or 8 (depending on you) it should also start paying for itself.

I'm offering...

  • Flexibility
  • Choice
  • Freedom
  • Reality
  • A New Start

So exactly what will I be going to show you in the course?

Well, the short answer is everything you need to start a successful blogging businessEverything I know in fact.

I'll show you....

Look - here's where we're supposed to bullet point out the key features of the course but the simple truth is I can't because there's simply TOO MUCH CONTENT to list.

I'm not just talking about selling ebooks, software, outsourcing, unique product creation, mental attitude, PLR, branding your business, and gaining trust resulting in sales, but all that is included. 

I'm not just talking about generating multiple profits from single customers or using affiliates to generate sales, traffic AND build your list, but all THAT is included too.

Nor am I just talking about showing you how to put together quick launches or how to make $10,000 from a few emails, but that's in too.

I'm talking about a REAL blogging business that WILL change your life - not 'might' - WILL. That's a BIG statement to make but it's 100% true. I;m going to show you a way of looking at the whole 'make money online' business that will show you exactly WHY I've been a highly successful blogger for the best part of a decade while so many others simply fade away.

“I have to say that Kickstart Course is probably THE best step by step course to make money online that I have come across.
Simply because you have guaranteed that no stone has been left unturned and you make users hold themselves accountable to take action.
....there is no WAY that anyone can fail using Kickstart and I urge you to get in right now.
Don't be a sales page scroller. Give yourself the Kickstart your blog needs."

Ray Johnson

I'm going to show you exactly how to set up the systems and processes that I use - from start to finish and understandable by anyone at any level of blogging. If you've never even thought about a blogging business, then this course is for you.

Likewise, if you've been running an online business for a while now but want to seriously boost your profits then KICKSTART COURSE is exactly what YOU need too.

You won't at any point be left in the dark about anything. I won't be saying to you 'OK now go away and set up a download page' for example - I'll take you step-by-step through the entire process of absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know. You'll be left in no doubt about anything.

But at the same time I'll be introducing advanced techniques that will blow you away with how effective and profitable they are. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride straight into profit!

I have a six-figure blogging business working fewer hours a week than anyone in a 9-5 job - so I must be doing something right!

Jump on board with me and I'll teach you - I'll show you  - how to set up an blogging business using a mixture of 

  • Product creation and how to avoid it if you want to. How you have more choices than you think - you don't need to create products to make money online, and if you DO want to create your own products it needn't be hard work, or take more than a day at most.
  • My own profit funnel model, which is quite simply a money pump.  I'll show you it all from start to finish.
  • List building - the masterclass techniques that enable me to make thousands of dollars from a single email and earn every day on autopilot
  • Affiliate techniques that let other people do the hard work and love us for it. Plus the blogging mega-secret that lets you end up with a list that builds itself and provides auto-sales into the bargain.
  • Autoresponder tactics that push unsubscribe rates to the floor and raise profits to the roof. I will give you the low down on the emails to send, the right message intervals for maximum profits and my top technique - 'when is a sales letter NOT a sales letter'?
  • How the whole thing hangs together perfectly to produce a system that will put money into your bank account for the minimum amount of work. That's not hype - forget 40 hour weeks - they don't exist for smart bloggers - we let you in on the REAL work/life balance secret.

There's more - far more than I could possibly list here. Just thinking about it - the whole process of setting up your own blogging business - based on my HUGELY profitable business - could take you years to work out for yourself.

Would you even know where to start?

Then let me tell you...

How about with Lesson #1 of...The Kickstart Course?

As soon as you start reading, your indecision and fear will fall away... 

Do you know the feeling of sitting in front of your PC twiddling your thumbs, checking your emails every two minutes and doing absolutely nothing that will result in your bank account being boosted?

Or even worse, not doing anything because of some vague fear, lack of confidence or doubt.

Well forget the indecision, frustration or confusion because I am going to tell you EXACTLY  - with no room for doubt - EXACTLY what to do to put money into your bank account.

I've said enough now because if you've ever come across us before you're probably no longer reading this, you're down at the bottom of the page signing up for KICKSTART COURSE as quickly as you can.

...and if you're still unsure, then sit down, make a cup of coffee and think about this - 

What if you never needed to buy another hyped up product, join another pushy mailing list or spend hours on forums and Google trying to find answers to the simplest of questions EVER AGAIN?

Here's what you'll receive:

One 10-15 Page WEEKLY Lesson For 52 Weeks In Downloadable PDF Format.

I've designed this course carefully with YOU in mind. I've gone through the process ourselves and know it's important to see profits and results as quickly as possible.

Here are just five things you should know about the course…

  • Short, No Fluff And Easy To Digest.
  • Each lesson is 10-15 pages long and contains nothing but 'meat'. Information overload is a major problem for many people. Because of that we've made sure we provide thorough information in easy to digest lessons that you can read then put into practice.
  • Includes An 'Assignment' To Complete
  • I'll tell you what you need to do so you're ready to move on to the next lesson when it arrives in 7 days. Written in easy-to-implement steps, this is one of the key points of the course, and is designed to maximize success rates.
  • Build Your Business As You Go
  • As your course builds, so does your business. You'll learn and progress right towards the end of the course but I've designed it so you should be seeing results - profits - in the first 8 weeks. (Possibly even earlier than that.)
  • Designed To Boost Your Business
  • Beginners won't get lost with the course, and the more experienced marketers won't get bored as I've combined bedrock 'how to' blogging fundamentals with advanced techniques that contain absolute gold.
  • Beginners won't get lost with the course, and the more experienced marketers won't get bored as I've combined bedrock 'how to' blogging fundamentals with advanced techniques that contain absolute gold.
  • Designed For YOUR success
  •  I'm not just dumping information on you and leaving you to try to put it all together yourself - I've designed this course so that you'll do something with the information and will be much more likely to see the results for yourself - long-term!


MY PROMISE TO YOU. Your Money Will Be Returned Quickly & Easily If You're Unhappy. 

I'm so confident in Blog Kickstart that I'm more than happy to offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. I sincerely believe this program to be absolutely top class in terms of both content AND results, and so am happy to give you complete peace of mind with my 100% guarantee.

You can have lesson one in your inbox within minutes of signing up below. And best of all it's NOT going to cost you the earth. This may sound like sales hype if you've never heard of Sue Dunlevie and Successful Blogging before, but if you HAVE come across us you'll know what we're about to say is 100% true...

Say Goodbye To Paying Thousands of Dollars For Similar Information - Even If It DOES Come With an 'Easy Payment Plan'!

I have priced this course to make it AFFORDABLE for everyone who wants to build an online blogging business. I could charge thousands of dollars for this course, but it would mean that a fair percentage of the people who would benefit most from the KICKSTART COURSE just couldn't afford it - and that's not how I work.

I've both been talked into spending thousands of dollars on high ticket courses that just don't deliver as much as they promise.

So I'm making this available, at this price, for anyone who wants to get serious about changing their life. I'm talking about the possibility of quitting your job - going full-time with your blog like I did 9 years ago, but perhaps more importantly, being able to look after yourself and your loved ones.

The price for a subscription to KICKSTART COURSE  is just $17 a month to get instant access. 

You simply cannot get the information I'm providing anywhere else at this price. You would pay around one thousand dollars for similar courses elsewhere.

At the end of the course, you'll know everything I know!

'What's the catch?'

I'm limiting the number of bloggers that can join.

So I'm limiting KICKSTART COURSE  to 25 people. Once all the places are filled, I will close the doors and no more memberships will be sold.

Remember, I'm showing you how to set up your own 100% UNIQUE blogging business so don't worry about saturation or competition from other course members - it won't happen!

Don't forget you have my 4 week guarantee, the knowledge that this course has been put together by a highly successful blogger with a pedigree of over a decade online. Combine that with my 'access for all' price and you know two things for sure:

  1. You can't possibly miss out on this.

  2. You'd better be quick!

Join Now While Blog Kickstart Is Still Available...

Yes, Sue, I would like to subscribe and receive my modules and lessons on how to Kickstart my own blogging business. I have read and agreed to the legal information and disclaimer below*.

Please enroll me in the Kickstart Course and let me access all of the modules and lessons for the 52 weeks.My initial charge will be $27. I will them be charged $27/month for 11 months after the initial charge has been made.I understand that if I act now I can lock in my subscription at $27 per month rather than the regular price of $47 per month.

I can also pay in full for the year to save money! This is a great way to see what's in the program and to 

Choose Your Best Plan





  • 4 Weekly Lessons
  • Email Coaching with Sue
  • Max 15 team members

Don't you owe it to yourself to explore your potential - both in terms of income and free time? Having a 9-5 job takes away a lot, if not most of your potential, purely because working full-time is hard - far harder than building an online business. We think we can throw the doors of freedom wide open for you.

Would you give is the chance to prove it to you?

I look forward to welcoming you.

P.S. With the money back guaranteed, what HAVE you got to lose?

P.P.S. Now ask yourself what you have to GAIN!

Get back in the driving seat....