Imagine if you could hit the ground running with a complete blog & marketing plan for the last 6 months of 2020.

What if... woke up clear every single morning, ready to happily dig into the ONE THING you needed to focus on that will make the biggest difference in your blog and your business? had a step-by-step proven plan for blogging, growing your business and just doing more of what you love?

...each step that you completed instantly delivered results for your blog & business?

You CAN hit the ground running...all you need is a roadmap

We are going to make this SO easy for you :)

About us

Sue Dunlevie

Blogging Coach, Successful Blogging

Cindy Bidar

Marketing Coach,

On Saturday, June 20th, we're hosting The Blog Retreat - a special, 1-day event to help you create a rock-solid plan for what to do with your content and marketing... right now.

(This is a live 1-day event and will be amazing, but we will be recording it and giving you all of the transcripts, so you can get the full benefit of The Blog Retreat. Keep reading to find out how it works!)


In this 1-day online retreat, we will roll up our sleeves to work on 4 critical components to grow your blog and business fast.

The Blog Retreat is a full-day intensive workshop, where you'll be able to work on your Q3 and Q4 blog and marketing plan with us, in real time.

You'll attend 4 brief interactive webinar-style training sessions and then work together with us throughtout the day so you can hit the ground running for your best, most productive year yet. 

This is going to be fun, casual and most of all...productive. You'll walk away with a full plan you can start using NOW. 

It's a little bit of learning, a whole lot of doing and one huge sigh of relief. 

What we will accomplish together during the Blog Retreat

Session One: We'll Define Your 2020 Mission that you can that you can easily create content that drives your blog's sales and growth and to stop doing what doesn't work.

Session Two: We'll Plan Out 6 Months of Affiliate Selling

.. Cindy will introduce you to one of the easiest (and most profitable) income streams for bloggers: affiliate marketing. You'll learn why your blog readers depend on you to make recommendations, how to present offers with integrity, and where to find the products and services your audience most needs and wants. 

Session Three: We'll Create Compelling Headlines For Every Blog Post Until New year's Eve you'll be able to write exactly what your readers want to hear each and every time you pick up your pen or grab your laptop.

Session Four: We'll Discover How to grow a Profitable & Responsive Email List

...Your blog is the perfect list-building machine and in this workshop, Cindy will share the two must-have tools all email marketers need, plus how they work together for hands-free list-building success. You'll also learn three powerful tactics for enticing readers to join your email community, as well as how to stay in touch without being overwhelmed. 

This is a truly interactive experience - you'l get tons of help & real-time feedback from Cindy, Sue and other attendees in a private Facebook group during the Retreat.  

The Blog Retreat is a mix of teaching sessions alternated with "breakout/hangout sessions" where you'll be able to do your planning in real time (and also run your ideas and questions by Cindy, Sue and the other Retreaters in our private Facebook group).

You can make amazing progress in practically no time at all.

Plus there's a full week of extra support from Cindy & Sue - so if you need a few extra days or want to go back and forth a bit, you'll get all the help you need. Even if you can only attend a few sessions, come anyway. You can get the full interactive experience, no matter what your schedule looks like. No one gets left behind at The Blog Retreat :)

Here's the full schedule for what happens at the Retreat:


  • 11 am EDT (8 am PDT) Kickoff session and Blog Mission session with Sue 
  • 11: 45 am EDT (8:45 am PDT) It's time to roll up our sleeves! Work on defining your blog's purpose + interact with Sue & Cindy & other Retreat members in the private Facebook group.
  • 12 noon EDT (9 am PDT) Break
  • 12:15 pm EDT (9:15 am PDT) Affiliate Marketing session with Cindy
  • 1:00 pm EDT (10:00 am PDT) Time to work. Join Cindy & Sue and other Retreat members in the FB group. 
  • 1:30 pm EDT (10:30 am PDT) Break
  • 2:00 pm EDT (11 am PDT) Blog Headlines session with Sue
  • 2:45 pm EDT (11:45 am PDT) Let's roll. Work on your headlines & interact with Sue, Cindy & other members in the group.
  • 3:15 pm EDT (12:15 pm PDT) Short Break 
  • 3:30 pm EDT (12:30 pm PDT) Build Your Email List session with Cindy
  •  4:15 pm EDT (1:15 pm PDT) One last push! Work on your email list building activities and interact with Cindy, Sue & other Retreat members. (Cocktails optional - but encouraged!)
  • 4:45 pm EDT (1:45 pm PDT) Wrap Up for the day.

All 4 sessions of The Blog Retreat will be recorded live, so you're 100% covered if you cannot attend in real time.

This is a hands-on, super fun, make-it-happen-together kind of day.

Hit the ground running with your complete blog & marketing plan 

Your Early Bird Bonuses


Transcripts of each live session taught by Cindy and Sue


The Facebook group will continue for a full week after the Retreat so Sue and Cindy can answer your questions and give you feedback


A digital Blog Planner to keep your 6 months of planned blog topics and headlines for after the Retreat.

Read what our Clients Had to say

​"No matter what niche of a target market you have, Cindy asks the right questions to help you see how you can serve your community best! Cindy has the ability to really LISTEN, then point you in the right direction. Problem-solving and thinking outside of the box are just a few of her specialties!"

Dana Mills

"I loved being able to be at home on a cold winter day learning and making progress on one of my most important 1st quarter goals - which is to start an effective blog. The Blog Retreat will kickstart your blogging efforts"

Simone Kaplan

"Sue's in-depth examples, references, and organized style were my favorite part of The Blog Retreat. Also, this course had depth and was informative while also engaging

Ruth Reiner

Hit the ground running with your complete blog & marketing plan 

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